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2012 NEWS

Beaumont, TX - February 17, 18 & 19 - The Ford Arena is always one of the favorite stops for the team. The racing portion of the show consisted of a timed obstacle course, with some HUGE air off the last jump. Noelke had the fastest combined time in TailGator on Friday night. Gerding was not far off, landing him in 3rd place, with some of the biggest air of the weekend off the final jump. Noelke won freestyle on Friday night also. Saturday night's sold-out show saw Noelke repeat his racing win in TailGator with the fastest combined times of the evening. Noelke was looking to take the win in racing again Sunday afternoon, when the truck spun-out in the first turn, sending him into a turning post, for a 5 second penalty. Gerding laid down a solid freestyle in Big Dawg on Sunday afternoon. Noelke had an amazing freestyle going in TailGator, but it just wasn't his day. He got a slap wheelie off a car stack, sending the truck to the left, catching the corner of the FMX dirt ramp with the left rear tire, cart-wheeling the truck hard onto the right nose of the truck and over onto the lid. Noelke was okay, with mostly just cosmetic damage to the Gator.

Pikeville, KY - February 10 & 11 - The Big Dawg & TailGator team returned to the Eastern Kentucky Expo center again, after three years. The only stop on the Monster X Tour for the team. Friday night's racing bracket saw Big Dawg over Stinger and TailGator over Bigfoot in the first round. Noelke and Gerding faced off in the final round, with Noelke taking the win. Saturday night, Noelke lost to Bigfoot in the final round of racing, but won the donut contest, as no one else could even come close.

Youngstown, OH - February 3 & 4 - This stop on the tour consisted of a time trail obstacle course for the racing portion of the show. Two passes were made by each driver and the times were combined for a total time. Noelke came in with a close second behind Bigfoot on Friday and Saturday evening.

Indiana, PA - January 27 & 28 - Noelke piloted TailGator to the racing win on Friday night, with the first concrete show for the Toughest Monster Truck Tour. He also took the freestyle win with a fast-paced run and some amazing donuts with the steering wheel out the window. Although Noelke didn't do as well in the racing bracket during the Saturday afternoon and Saturday evening show, he continued the streak in freestyle, sweeping the weekend once again.

Bossier City, LA - January 20 & 21 - Friday night, Noelke plowed through the racing bracket in TailGator and took the victory over Bigfoot in the final round. Gerding's freestyle was cut short in Big Dawg when he broke a spindle and lost a wheel with a hard landing following some big air in freestyle. Noelke also had an amazing freestyle, tying with Bigfoot by the judges scores. After a crowd cheer-off, it was clear that the crowd definitely declared Noelke the freestyle winner. Noelke took the big win in racing Saturday night also, sweeping the racing portion of the show for the weekend. A high-flying, fast-paced freestyle, also gave Noelke the highest freestyle score on Saturday night, sweeping that category for the weekend also.

Southaven, MS - January 13 & 14 - 2012 started out very strong for the Big Dawg & TailGator team. Friday night, Noelke in TailGator & Gerding in Big Dawg both won their first round of racing, defeating Toxic & Stinger respectively. In the semi-final round, Noelke took the win over Shell Camino and Gerding won over Stinger again, who was brought back as fastest loser of round one. The final round came down to Big Dawg vs. TailGator with Noelke taking the win in TailGator. Saturday night, Noelke's quest for a repeat victory was ended in the semi-finals, when he was taken out by Dan Runte in Bigfoot. Gerding worked his way through the brackets and into the finals, before narrowly losing to Bigfoot.


2011 NEWS

Southaven, MS - January 7 & 8 - 2011 started in Southaven, MS. Friday night, Doug took the racing win in the obstacle-style course against Barbarian, after defeating Barbarian in the first round (he came back as fast loser) and Hot Tamale in the semi-finals. Doug & Dale both laid down solid freestyles with plenty of air and a couple of slap wheelies. Saturday night's sold out show started with the trucks competing in a donut contest. Dale gave a good effort, but the tires on the Big Dawg wouldn't break loose on the tacky track. Doug got a great donut going in TailGator, but when he was about finished, the truck totally shut off. The truck was pulled off the track; he had power but no gears at all...he was done for the night. Dale went through the racing brackets to take Big Dawg to the final round, narrowly losing to Barbarian.


2010 NEWS

Sedalia, MO - March 5 & 6 - Sedalia saw an amazing show both nights with home-state Big Dawg & TailGator taking the wins in four out of five events on both nights. Friday night, Gerding took the fast time in the time trials in Big Dawg. Next up, Noelke took the win in the wheelie contest. The Chicago-style racing finals was a Big Dawg & TailGator showdown, with Gerding taking first place. Noelke went on the take the win in freestyle. Saturday evening looked to be a carbon copy of Friday night with Gerding taking the win in the time trials and Noelke winning the wheelie contest again. The Chicago-style racing once again saw Big Dawg & TailGator square off with Noelke taking the win tonight. Freestyle was Noelke's all weekend with another win on Saturday night.

Beaumont, TX - February 26, 27 & 28 - Noelke was on fire in TailGator all weekend long in Beaumont. He took the racing victory on Friday night on the Chicago-style track. Saturday evening, Doug lunged forward on the light and was disqualified in the semi-finals. Sunday afternoon, Noelke had his game face on once again, taking home the racing win.

Sioux City, IA - February 19 & 20 - Sioux City marked the second weekend in a row with 3 shows over two days. Despite the tiring conditions, Gerding piloted Big Dawg to a final round victory on Friday night and Noelke maneuvered TailGator to donut contest wins at every show and freestyle victories on Friday and Saturday nights.

DuQuoin, IL - February 12 & 13 - Doug started out Friday night with a final round loss to Bigfoot. Saturday afternoon, sparks were flying off TailGator during the wheelie contest. Upon further inspection in the pits, the rear end needed to be replaced. The rear end was repaired in record time. Even thought Doug missed the racing competition, he made it back out for freestyle and took the win. Doug went on to win the racing competition at Saturday evening's show over Bigfoot.

East Lansing, MI - February 6 - Doug started out Friday night with a win in the donut contest. He piloted TailGator to the final round against Bigfoot, taking out Ironman and Stabilizer respectively. The final race was a close one, with Bigfoot coming out on top.

Highland Heights, KY - January 29 & 30 -  Friday night started out with Doug winning the donut contest and freestyle in TailGator. The racing bracket ended with Big Dawg & TailGator in the final round, with Gerding taking the win in Big Dawg. Saturday night, Noelke won the donut contest again. Big Dawg & TailGator faced off in the semi-finals, with Gerding coming out on top. Gerding advanced to the final round, but lost to Anger Management in a photo finish.

Cleveland, OH - January 23 -  Noelke found himself in the finals against Bigfoot after defeating Raminator & Stablizer in the previous rounds. Bigfoot & TailGator duked it out in the final round with Bigfoot taking the win. Doug won freestyle by crowd participation by laying out a great run, with huge air and head-spinning donuts with the steering wheel out the window.

Southaven, MS - January 15 & 16: Champaign, IL - January 16 -  Noelke was on fire in TailGator in Southaven this weekend taking the racing win on both Friday & Saturday nights; knocking out Hot Tamale, War Wagon, Bigfoot & Equalizer to sweep the weekend. Doug also tied for freestyle on Friday night, with the win going to Equalizer after a final crowd cheer-off. Gerding (also in TailGator) finished second behind Bigfoot in a double elimination racing competition in Champaign - the smallest building on the Monster Nationals tour.

Bossier City, LA & Huntington, WV - January 8 & 9 -  The Big Dawg team started off 2010 with a bang. Doug took the racing victory in TailGator on Friday night in Bossier City on the Monster Nation tour. He also advanced to the final round on Saturday night, but a problem with the steering found him playing "catch-up" to Andy Hoffman in War Wagon. Doug tried to recover, losing by the slightest margin. Dale Gerding piloted the TailGator for the first time on the Monster Nationals tour in Huntington, WV. Dale started off the year with two racing victories under his belt, defeating Bigfoot and Lucas Oil Stabilizer in the final rounds on Friday and Saturday nights.


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