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Corbin, KY - March 20 & 21 - All the trucks on the Monster Nationals tour left nothing on the table at the Southeastern KY Expo & Ag Center. The floor was one of the largest on the tour and the drivers had plenty of room to "show their stuff". Doug took the freestyle victory in TailGator on Friday night and went on to dominate the racing bracket in straight line racing. Doug started out Saturday night with a win in the donut contest and went on to win his second racing title of the weekend in front of the sold-out crowd.

Chicago, IL - March 13 & 14 - TailGator won the racing bracket on Friday night. Saturday night, Doug tied with Bad Habit in the wheelie contest and also tied with High Maintenance for the freestyle win. He went two for two at the Sears Center in straight line racing, defeating Ironman, Holman's Beast and Samson respectively for the win.

Champaign, IL - March 7 - Doug started out the Saturday night event by pulling off the win in the donut contest in TailGator. He went on to win the racing bracket, defeating Samson and High Maintenance.

Sedalia, MO - March 6 & 7 - Dale gave the home-state crowd something to be proud of, taking the win in the first three events in Big Dawg Friday night. He won the timed run event, wheelie contest and defeated the Bar's Leak Eliminator in straight line racing, before being edged out by Barbarian in the Chicago style racing competition. Saturday night looked to be a repeat of Friday, with Dale taking the win in the timed run event and wheelie competition. Although the streak would end there, as he was defeated by Nitemare in the straight line event with a photo finish.

Youngstown, OH - February 27 & 28 - Friday night, TailGator took the racing win over Holman's Beast. Saturday night, Doug started off the night by winning the donut contest. He worked his way to the final round of racing, narrowly losing to Samson in a photo finish.

Sioux City, IA- February 20 & 21 - Doug continued to dominate the racing field in TailGator on the Monster Nationals Tour by winning both Friday and Saturday night at the Tyson Event Center.

Pikeville, KY - January 30 & 31 - Friday night was a great night for the Big Dawg/TailGator team. Dale started off the evening by winning the wheelie contest in Big Dawg and Doug took the donut contest win in TailGator. Dale went on the take the win in the racing bracket. Saturday night looked to be a repeat of Friday, with Big Dawg winning the wheelie contest and TailGator taking the donut contest again. Doug also took the freestyle win, despite strong performances by Big Dawg, Eliminator, Killer Bee and Bigfoot. TailGator advanced to the final round in racing but was defeated by Bigfoot in a close race.

Cape Girardeau, MO -  January 23 & 24 - Dale dominated the racing bracket in Big Dawg at the home-state Show-Me Center. Dale took the wins both Friday and Saturday night, defeating Rock Star, Miss Behavin, Monster Patrol and Undertaker on his way to the winner’s circle.

Madison, WI - January 23 & 24 -  Doug continued his racing streak in TailGator with a win on Friday night over Holman’s Beast. The truck landed hard on the rear right and broke the rear steering cylinder and the tire got into the header. Saturday night, Doug went out for the wheelie contest, when the truck pitched hard right, our first indication that upon landing Friday night, an axle was also broken. We worked hard to get the axle changed quickly, as Doug was the last to freestyle. With some help from a couple of other teams, we were able to get the truck repaired and Doug took the win in freestyle. TailGator also made it to the semi-final round in racing on Saturday night.


On a somber note, we lost a very special friend Saturday night. George Eisenhart Jr. was not only the promoter and announcer of the Monster National series; he was a very, very dear friend of ours. Please keep George’s family and friends in your thoughts and prayers as we all try to heal from this tragedy. George, we will miss you terribly…


Highland Heights, KY  - January 16 & 17 - TailGator took freestyle wins both nights with top notch teams Eliminator, Big Dawg, Samson and Bounty Hunter putting up awesome runs. Both nights at the Bank of Kentucky Center saw TailGator and Big Dawg match up in the final round. At the end of both nights, it was Doug in TailGator taking the wins, with tough competition from Dale in the Big Dawg.


Huntington, WV  January 9 & 10 - The 2009 season started off great for TailGator in Huntington. Doug set out to defend his Monster Nationals Racing Championship. He took home victories in Friday & Saturday night’s racing competition, beginning the year with an awesome start.


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